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What is a Trend?

Forex trend gives us the first hand info about the actual mood of the market. For instance: you can get an idea about the exchange rate of a particular pair of currency just by having a look at the trend lines.

These Forex trend lines are usually demarcated after proper analysis, so there is not much scope of fault. The Forex trend also gives you an idea about the support and resistance of the Forex market. Moreover, the Forex trend will also help you to decide about what should be the best entry point and exit point.

The Forex trend line is counted as the indicator tools in technical analysis. You must have seen lots of Forex broker making use of such a pattern. No doubt, it has its own usefulness in Forex but don’t over rely on it. It does not provide info about what will happen in the future, it just gives you an idea about. So, you use it sensibly and under the guidance of the expert (recommended).