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Who has no patience is very poor

In many plans, the trading mindset should be the ‘Patience’. Again as one that can easily write down here, but where it concerns the implementation a little more feet into the earth.

What is patience?

If you read out the dictionary you will find the following description, ‘Patience is the time to the wait. However, if we dig a little deeper, we soon discovered that patience is closely linked with self-control and composure again an element of emotional intelligence. The

Research shows that people who are successful often have a high EQ. From this we can also say that a trader with a high EQ has a higher chance of success. The researchers even believe that emotional skills are doubly important in their contribution to outcomes than intelligence and competence! This is the reason why many forex pros much emphasis on the psychological aspect of trading.

But there is hope. Fortunately, as has been found that in contrast to IQ, EQ is to develop further. Emotional intelligence skills are in fact no innate talents, but learned skills and thus improve. The IQ is not disputed, is highly heritable and develops until about the age of 15 and after your 50th it takes slow again.

How to train your patience?

Emotional intelligence skills are habits, including patience. Every smoker who at the beginning of the year wants to stop, you can tell how hard it is to bad habits to redirect good. There is to my knowledge, no course or book that you can learn for this. It must be pure from yourself. You have to want for whatever reason. There are a few tips to find applicable to the occurred: Get more insight into your own emotions and their influence Determine your strengths and weaknesses. Improve or develop your confidence and trust in your strategy. Keep a positive outlook on health of things and happiness that is more important than money. All of it helps if you have enough. Improve or develop your empathy. Learn how you can help others develop themselves. Learn how better to cope with loss. All you need is make a little patience.