Registering with Forex Dealing Centers

Most advisable not to do it theoretically, downloading course “free Forex training”, and in conditions close to reality. We need to open DEMO-account (can be done in 10 minutes) in one of the major dealing centers and start trading activities very similar to the real one.

In decent Dealing Center (these are the selected and recommended for real trading activity) without being distracted by other sources can take place in parallel and free Forex training, but not all in a row, but only exactly what unclear or questions for which there are specific complexity.

More from currency trading to be thrown clear of illusion and realize that any paid or free Forex training does not teach conducting profitable trading activities. First, significantly nobody knows if people would know in advance all the movements of currency pairs, it is already a few days they would have destroyed all other market participants and the Forex market would cease to exist on the uselessness.

Second, if someone is in a certain state of the currency market has formed a very profitable trading strategy; he will never sell, and especially do not give it to anyone.

It is generally accepted that the Forex trend displayed on timeline clear lines. Forex trend line is usually performed between the reference points on the chart of the currency pair and visually displays the direction of change in prices. Forex trends is the oldest and most weighty tools in technical analysis, it clearly indicates the optimal time of entry and exit a trade.

Lines depicting FX trend can be of various sizes and their size is formed depending on the time schedule, where they are displayed. Naturally, the trend line can be formed for any period of time. Line showing Forex trend, not only represent the direction of change of currency rates, but the momentum with which they occur.